January 3, 2012

Welcome to Diner Chats

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Diner Chats
geo geller
stay tooned – this is to be the home of my hundreds of hours of recording chats with friendsĀ in diners – coming right up

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August 10 2012 – conversation in Chelsea Sq Diner on Observing with Robert Eisenberg on the money/honey pot and where did it go? and who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar too
(part 1 excerpted from larger piece stay tooned)

Excerpt of bob talking about statistic of whose who and whose got what maybe too?

      1. bob-eisenberg-dinerchats-observing.mp3


complete DinerChat Observing Observant talk

      2. observing-bob-eisenberg-dinerchats-complete.mp3


post DinerChat walk to subway talk

      3. observing-bob-eisenberg-dinerchats-post-diner-walk.mp3


Colin Forsyth

in the vein of Jean Shepard listen to Colin talk about his life, his Tuba, Father, Ex-Wife, Bank Robbery gone bad, Insurance Scams, Identity Theft and life of crime and life as a happy man too

      4. cf.mp3


DinerChats Jeff Pulver Reflections On Social Web and Cave Dweller – 140conf


Jessie Newburn

in the famous Diner in Baltimore the scene of the crime of a 1982 comedy-drama by Barry Levinson. link to

on wikipedia

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