January 3, 2012

Welcome to Diner Chats

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stay tooned – this is to be the home of my hundreds of hours of recording chats with friendsĀ in diners – coming right up

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August 10 2012 – conversation in Chelsea Sq Diner on Observing with Robert Eisenberg on the money/honey pot and where did it go? and who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar too (part 1 excerpted from larger piece stay tooned)

Excerpt of bob talking about statistic of whose who and whose got what maybe too?



complete DinerChat Observing Observant talk


post DinerChat walk to subway talk



140conf DinerChats Jeff Pulver Reflections On Social Web and Cave Dweller


Colin Forsyth – in the vein of Jean Shepard listen to Colin talk about his life, his Tuba, Father, Ex-Wife, Bank Robbery gone bad, Insurance Scams, Identity Theft and life of crime and life as a happy man too – fotos coming soon

this video shot in the famous Diner a 1982 comedy-drama film written and directed by Barry Levinson. link to on wikipedia

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